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Brand: GOLESTAN Model: dkp-651200
Most nuts are loveable but what is most popular is pistachio. Pistachios are classified into different categories which is one is KALEH GHOOCHI. This has short height and round form. Golestan KALEH GHOOCHI pistachio contains raw pistachios so that you can feel the real and delicious taste. Pist..
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Brand: GOLESTAN Model: dkp-730373
being colorful of food is more important than taste. Among type of saffron we can mention flower bulb and straw. Type of golestan saffron is flower bulb that is named as MOMTAZ, SARGHALAM AND SAR RISHE. Our product is just pure that you should keep in dry and cool places (it will been damaged in hot..
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Brand: GOLESTAN Model: dkp-730392
One of the beauty and aromatic factors of foods is the using of high quality saffron in their preparation and decoration. Saffron is a kind of bulb flower grows in southwest Asia, southern Spain and southern Europe. This valuable nutrient is obtained from a small amount of saffron flower (crocus sat..
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