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Model: dkp-1687664
This vase has height of 26 cm and a diameter of 11 cm. This beautiful dish can be used as a decorative item in your decoration...
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Copper Enamel vase, code 04000 Copper Enamel vase, code 04000
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Model: dkp-3144657
The copper metal used in this vase has high thickness and strength. To prevent copper oxide a polyester coating that increase the resistance has been used on it. The price of the copper depends on various factors such as the dimensions and size of the products, the volume of work done on the product..
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Model: dkp-2941353
The feature of this product is the beautiful colors used on copper metal which has multiplied its beauty. Covering of dishes with polyester material which makes the product more resistant...
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Model: dkp-3192319
This vase is an original and lovely work of Iranian culture and civilization. In addition of beauty this product is a symbol of Iranian art and handicrafts. The height of this vase is 20cm and its weight is 200 grams. Base material of this product is made of copper and has a high resistance. The vas..
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Model: dkp-3653468
Enamel copper vase is one of the most popular pottery utensils. This vase is perfect for giving as a gift to others. You can use this product to store natural and artificial flowers...
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Model: dkp-3148106
Using copper has some several medical benefits leads to reduce weight, increase brain function, prevent premature aging and etc...
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Model: dkp-2192431
In addition to using copper products give your home eye-catching view, It has many health benefits. This is made by professional Iranian expert and hand totally. Interior color is silver and exterior color is copper. You can match other copper products this glass easily. There is a useful handle to ..
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Model: dkp-1010653
AdvantagesHigh quality copper1 Tea tray, 1 jar and set of 6 glassesWhitened by white tin to keep safe water, dough, etcFeel coolness drinks Eye-catching view..
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