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Brand: AGHAJANI Handicrafts Model: dkp-2766780
The height of this sweet dish is 28 cm and its weight 1436 grams...
Ex Tax:$151.00
Brand: AGHAJANI Handicrafts Model: dkp-2766809
The height of this sweet dish is 65 cm and it weighs 6684 grams...
Ex Tax:$1,300.00
Brand: AGHAJANI Handicrafts Model: dkp-2766885
The height of this sweet dish is 48 cm and it weighs 1500g...
Ex Tax:$204.00
Brand: AGHAJANI Handicrafts Model: dkp-73652
Turquoise art is a handicraft that is made by placing small pieces of turquoise stone in mosaic shape on the surface of the dishes. This product has both practical and decorative uses.The height of this vase is 16 cm and the lower part is narrower than other similar product...
Ex Tax:$24.90
Model: dkp-900624
"Advantage"Dense textureWashable and ironableThe softness of the fabric..
Ex Tax:$26.50
Model: dkp-1422646
"Advantage"Silk threadHigh yarn densityWashable..
Ex Tax:$24.00
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